New Μετρητής PH εδάφους υγρασίας φωτεινότητας TPH01804

Product Name: Soil PH pH Meter

Type: split soil type


Applicable Scope: Measuring soil pH

Body size: 11*6*3CM

Probe length: 16cm

Net weight: 150g

Weight :261g

This is an export-specific product that does not require a power source and can measure the pH of the soil. Easy to use and of good quality.

Instructions for use:

When measuring the soil pH value, first insert the probe as deeply as possible into the soil and leave approximately 1 cm above the probe.

Be careful not to touch the stone when inserting the electrode. Don't use too much force, otherwise it will hurt the electrode. Wash the electrode after use.

Soil pH

Soil pH is also called "soil reaction". It is the acid-base reaction of the soil solution. It mainly depends on the concentration of hydrogen ions in the soil solution, expressed as pH. A solution with a pH of 7 is a neutral solution; a pH value of less than 7 is an acidic reaction; a pH value of more than 7 is a basic reaction. Soil pH can generally be divided into the following levels:

pH value of soil pH

<4.5 Very acidic

4.5-5.5 strong acid

5.5-6.5 Acidity

6.5-7.5 Neutral

7.5-8.5 Alkaline

8.5-9.5 strong alkaline

> 9.5 extremely alkaline

Soil pH has a great influence on soil fertility and plant growth. Many soils in northwest and north China have large pH values, and the red soils in southern China have low pH values. Therefore, it is possible to grow crops and plants that are compatible with soil pH. For example, red soil can be planted with hi acid tea, and wolfberry has strong anti-alkali ability. The effect of soil pH on nutrient availability is also significant, such as the availability of phosphorus in neutral soils; the availability of trace elements (manganese, copper, zinc, etc.) in alkaline soils is poor. In the agricultural production, attention should be paid to the pH of the soil, and active measures should be taken to adjust it.

What is the best soil pH range for common crops?

Soil pH has a great relationship with the availability of plant nutrients, soil structure and crop growth. First, the organic nutrients in the soil must be involved in activities by the soil microorganisms, so that it can be converted into fast-acting nutrients for plant absorption. Most of the microorganisms involved in the decomposition of organic matter grow and develop in a near-neutral environment, so soil nutrients are effective. Sex is generally best when it is near neutral reaction. Second, soil pH also has an effect on soil structure. Acidic soil, hydrogen ion concentration, easy to replace the calcium ions in the colloidal leaching, so acidic soil is easy to build. The alkaline soil contains a large amount of substitutional sodium ions and hydroxide ions, so that the soil particles are dispersed, dried and then compacted, resulting in poor structure of alkaline earth. In addition, soil pH is also closely related to plant growth. In nature, some plants have strict requirements on soil acid and alkali conditions. They can only grow within a certain range of acid and alkali. These plants can play an indicator role for soil pH, so they are called indicator plants. For example, azadirachtin only grows on acidic soils, and it is an indicator plant called acid soil; Cypress is an indicator plant of calcareous soil, and Suaeda is an indicator plant of alkaline earth. Different cultivated plants also have different pH ranges that are most suitable for growth (see the table below). Knowing their optimal growth ranges, we can choose suitable crops according to the soil pH according to local conditions; or adjust soil according to crops. pH to the appropriate range.

The best growing soil pH for the main crop:

Crop Name - pH

Rice : 6.0-7.0 ; Peanut : 5.0-6.0 ; Chest : 5.0-6.0

Wheat: 6.0-7.0; Tobacco: 5.0-6.0; Watermelon: 6.0-7.0

Corn: 6.0-7.0; Tea: 5.0-5.5; Cabbage: 6.0-7.0

Soybean: 6.0-7.0; Potato: 4.8-5.4; Tomato: 6.0-7.0

Sugar cane :6.0-8.0; Orange, Mandarin: 5.0-7.0; Pumpkin: 6.0-8.0

Sweet potato :6.0-6.0; Litchi : 6.0-7.0; Cucumber :6.0-8.0

Μετρητής PH εδάφους υγρασίας φωτεινότητας TPH01804

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